Special Webs provides complete management services for your website.

We design websites for many clients, and to help maintain these websites, we work to insure the sites are always up and that they are working properly.

We suggest that every client of ours allows us to keep a backup of their website.  Sometimes, issues arise that cause a website to become corrupted or non-functional.

By having a backup in place, we can usually restore a website within a few minutes….sometimes a bit longer.  Our backups are typically run at night and we keep a 30 day retention of the content.

One of our management services provides for us to make updates during a months, the cost of which is included in the monthly hosting charge.  We typically provide up to 30 minutes of this service during a month….additional time is done at our standard rate.

Please let  us discuss how we can help you be sure your website is up and running ALL THE TIME.