Special Webs Co., has produced over 1000 videos.

Our video program is divided into three primary parts:

  1. Video recording of an event, such as a ballgame, a chamber of commerce meeting, a party….just about any sort of event where the objective is to capture and preserve the event as it occurred.  Little to no editing or special processing is provided other than to include a project identifier (Job Number) and to typically upload the final production to YouTube or Vimeo.
  2. Recording of an event that DOES include editing, following a program guideline, and making the event presentable in a professional manner.
  3. Professional, broadcast production.  This includes whatever time is necessary to plan the production, whatever  equipment that is necessary to record and produce the prescribed final production, and all the editing and special effects needed to make the final production truly a professional product.

Most of the top videos in the list below fall into the 3rd category.  A considerable amount of time and effort was put into these to make them presentable to any audience of discerning individuals.

Several of the remaining videos fall into the #1 and #2 categories.

Our cost to produce #1 and #2 productions is based on our charge of $90.00 per hour plus any travel or other expenses.

As an example of #1 production charges, a 1 hour meeting with a 1/2 hour round-trip travel time  and 1/2 hour to save the median then upload it……$180.00

#2 production to do the same event but including 2 hours of editing and processing/uploading would run $315.00

#3 productions are typically billed at $1500.00 per finished minute.  This MAY include additional charges for special production equipment, personnel needed, talent (if a spokesperson, model, or voice-over person) is needed.  Charges would be discussed IN ADVANCE of starting, and client would be required to sign off on the event.

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