SpecialWebs.com was started in 1997 and evolved out of the need for a small business to provide a presence on the internet.

The ownership’s background is in electrical engineering and electronics. Several years were spent in the communications industry designing, installing, and maintaining communications equipment over most of the United States as well as some foreign countries. Several years were also spent designing and manufacturing broadcast support equipment, electronic rack accessories, and several electronic products.

Other professional associates are involved in various aspects of the website design and maintenance functions of SpecialWebs.com.

With a large contact basis of other small to medium-sized businesses, it became obvious to SpecialWebs.com ownership that there was a need in the industry for website developers who would take the time necessary to visit with a business owner or representative and guide them through the maze of concerns of a business wanting to have a website.

Many businesses who have been prosperous over a long period of time find themselves needing to have a presence in the new media of the internet. These businesses have withstood the trials of many years of ups and downs, but the owner is not comfortable with making decisions about website issues. Many see potential there—their friends in business are always talking about “their website”—but they just do not understand what they need to do.

Several have paid for the registration of a domain and have paid for a site—BUT they now have something out of date or not even up and running anymore.

Most new businesses see an almost unimaginable opportunity on the Internet. Our goal is to work with these businesses and help guide them through the decisions they will need to make in order to have a functional and quality website.